Charging Policy

Charging Policy endorsed by the School Board

Students are not allowed to charge milk or snack; they may only charge lunch or breakfast.
Parents/guardian’s will be notified via email, letter or phone call of a student’s low balance. 

When a student owes $10, a letter/email or phone call will be made to the parent letting them know of the negative balance for each of the next 3 weeks. The following week a certified letter will be sent home and the Principal, Business Administrator and Guidance will be notified that the letter has been sent. The parent/guardian will also be charged for the certified letter. 

The following week a 5th and final notice will be sent from the food service department and the names will be turned over to the Principal with a report of how the Food Service Department attempted to receive payment and they will notify the parent/guardian of the balance due. 

If a student’s lunch account reaches a negative balance of $50, the District reserves the right to pursue legal action, contacting Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) and filing in small claims court.

If you have any questions about payment options, please call 603-292-7934.